Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Get Rid of Man Boobs

As a guy, nothing is more embarrassing and humiliating than having a set of man boobs. How do I know? Because I too used to suffer from this condition.

My pain started during puberty, like most other males who suffered from gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the medical condition that causes men to develop fatty breast tissue. While some guys were worrying about changes in their voices and getting pimples, I was stuck with big lumps on my chest that resembled female breasts and big puffy nipples. I remember my parents taking me to see a doctor who told me not to worry my man boobs were just a temporary side effect of puberty and they would go away on their own.

Well puberty ended. I grew up, moved away from home, got a job, and went to college. My breast however, stayed put. These fatty chest deposits took over my life and impacted everything I did. From research, I discovered that gynecomastia can come about from a variety of issues such as genetics, medications, or hormonal imbalances.

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I remember feeling so ashamed and embarrassed anytime I had to take off my shirt in front of anyone. Summer had used to be my favorite activity as a kid but now everyone I went there was bare skin, pool parties, swimming and other outdoor activities that I no longer could participate in with any type of confidence.

It was so hard to shop for clothes and trying to hide my chest! I constantly worried over which material to wear to better disguise my condition and a few times, I suffered from embarrassing comments and laughs from man and women. It got so bad that every day I would wear a thick bulky sweater to disguise my man boobs, even in the hottest days of summer.

Having man boobs had always severely affected my ability to interact with women. I had no confidence to speak to women and anytime I came up to a woman, I was sure she was watching my chest and pitying me. I did date a little but I had no social skills and had no idea how to talk with women or put them at ease. I was so focused on how the girl would react to kissing a man with breast I could not make a move and rarely got past a first date.

I invested my money in every product I could possibly find, desperately hoping that one of these drugs, herbs, diet plans or exercises would finally free me from my shame, but the more money I invested the more hopeless I became and the more I became resigned to spending my entire life feeling like a freak in my own body. I was so desperate I finally decided to have a gynecomastia surgery to remove the fat and excess skin. I had even gone so far as to have a consultation. But when I was given a price of several thousand dollars that dream was dashed.

However, it did give me the courage to start looking at how I could get rid of man boobs naturally. I talked with every specialist I could find, read every piece of research done and I came across a solution that provided quick and painless results to getting rid of man boobs. My Chest Coach System has helped me and thousands other get rid of this embarrassing condition for good. What’s the secret to getting rid of floppy male boobs? Understanding your hormones and getting them balanced. Read on to find out more!

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